Application & Product Usage


Caterpillar provides a series of SEM wheel loaders for mine surface stripping, road construction and maintenance, ore and gravel loading and handling operations.

SEM Product Usage

  • Truck Loading
  • Feeding
  • Material Transportation and Piling
  • Loading

SEM Product Advantage

Wheel Loader

  • The traction force of the whole machine is large, and the bucket is easy to shovel materials into, saving fuel consumption and improving production efficiency.
  • The high performance (PS) bucket can be loaded with 10%-15% more materials,reducing spillage.
  • A shorter hydraulic cycle time means that more materials can be proceeded at the same time, leading to higher efficiency.
  • A faster  second gear, implies a shorter loading cycle.
  • The fix shaft gearbox leads to high efficiency, easy maintenance, and lower fuel consumption.

Applicable Model of SEM Products