SEM_Industry Solutions_Log GrappleSEM_Industry Solutions_Log Grapple

Log Grapple

Application & Product Usage

SEM_Industry Solutions_Log Grapple


SEM wheel loaders can be used in loading and unloading, transportation and transshipment in this application.

SEM Product Usage

  • Truck Loading
  • Unloading
  • Transportation
  • Classification
  • Stock Piling

SEM Product Advantage

SEM_Industry Solutions_Log Grapple

Wheel Loader

  • Durable torque converter, transmission box and axle, make high machine availability rate. FMEA is used to analyze the structural members and timber grabs to make sure there’s no open welding, no cracking and that there’s good durability, excellent reliability, and a long service life.
  • Fast hydraulic cycle time and excellent performance gripping jaws when working.
  • Designed with unique arc-shaped gripping jaws and a large holding circle ensures both a tighter grip and a greater loading capacity.
  • A variety of log grippers are available in order to better meet the different needs of customers.


Applicable Model of SEM Products