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Application & Product Usage

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Caterpillar produces a SEM brand wheel loader and track type tractor. These are designed for the construction of ports and terminals as well as the loading, stock piling and handling of cargo and bulk materials.


SEM Product Usage

  • Material Loading
  • Material Transfer
  • Material Piling
  • Material Cleaning

SEM Product Advantage

SEM_Industry Solutions_Port

Wheel Loader

  • A shorter hydraulic cycle time means that more materials can be processed at the same time, high efficiency.
  • High fuel economy that can handle more material per liter of fuel.
  • Lower maintenance cost and fuel consumption.
SEM_Industry Solutions_Port

Track Type Tractor

  • Reliable Performance: Our SEM dozer product line performs on fully hydrostatic transmission system, which is inherited from Caterpillar proven design over the years. This system gives seamless acceleration, ease of maneuverability and as result allows for the job to be done faster.
  • Durable Quality: Each machine is fitted with reliable and durable core components, world class pumps and motors. Our structures are reinforced and checked by FEA.
  • Ease of Operation: The hydrostatic transmission provides infinite speed control – just choose the speed and you can get to work. The load sensing system automatically optimizes ground speed based on load, to get the job done faster and lower fuel consumption.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The hydrostatic system is easy to maintain, it has good serviceability, and it will keep your maintenance costs low.

Applicable Model of SEM Products