Application & Product Usage

SEM side dump wheel loaders are specially designed for tunnel conditions and can conduct loading, transporting, lifting and other operations.


Product Usage

  • Truck Loading – Deslagging
  • Short Distance Transportation
  • Lifting Weights and Stands
  • Mixing Station Feeding
  • Build Sidewalks

SEM Product Advantage

Wheel Loader

  • High Efficiency: Big capacity bucket, shorter hydraulic cycle time
  • High Productivity: With greater traction and breakout force, it can directly remove hard materials such as ground stalagmites at one time
  • High Reliability: Specially designed cooling system for high temperature working conditions in long tunnels and plateau tunnels, ensuring continuous operations in high intensity environments
  • Safety: The top of the cab is protected from falling objects, the tipping cylinder is protected and the bottom of the gearbox is protected, making the machine safer thus leading to a longer service life. The bottom protection of the transmission can prevent the transmission bottom section from accidental damage

Applicable Model of SEM Products