Application & Product Usage

SEM wheel loaders and track type tractors are suitable for coal mining, grading, as well as construction of power plant and their production. During the construction process, operations such as flattening, backfilling, and compaction are involved. During the production phase, SEM machines are mainly used for coal processing, such as stacking, paving and transportation.


Product Usage

  • Truck Loading
  • Stacking
  • Feeding
  • Mixing
  • Paving

SEM Product Advantage

Wheel Loader

  • High Efficiency: The traction force of the whole machine is large, and the bucket makes it easy to shovel materials into, saving fuel consumption
  • High Productivity: Faster hydraulic cycle time and larger breakout force
  • High Reliability: The unique fixed-shaft gearbox and heavy-duty bridges are reliable and durable, double-row bearing shaft for easy installation

Track Type Tractor

  • High Productivity: Inherited from the mature hydrostatic transmission technology of Caterpillar track type tractors, the operating efficiency is as high as 30% year on year
  • Comfortable Operation: More comfortable operation with a large space canopy and good maneuverability in addition to a multi-functional electrical lever
  • High Reliability: More reliable core components with world class pump and motor. Reinforced structures checked by FEA
  • Low Operating Cost: Good serviceability and low maintenance cost without converter, transmission

Applicable Model of SEM Products