SEM660D Wheel Loader and SEM919 Motor Grader Awarded CMIIC 2019 TOP20 Star Product

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SEM660D Wheel Loader and SEM919 Motor Grader Awarded CMIIC 2019 TOP20 Star Product
Release time:2019-09-26

On September 3, 2019, SEM660D Wheel Loader and SEM919 Motor Grader were awarded the honor of TOP20 Star Product on the CMIIC 2019 (Construction Machinery Industry Internet Conference 2019) and the Brand Event. Since the launch of CMIIC 2019, a total of 1,593 companies/products have registered for the competition. After 3 rounds of evaluation, including online voting, customer survey and industry expert evaluation, these two SEM models finally won the prize for the advanced technology and reliable performance.


Certificate and Trophy Awarded to SEM660D Wheel Loader - CMIIC 2019 TOP20 Star Product


Certificate and Trophy Awarded to SEM919 Motor Grader - CMIIC 2019 TOP20 Star Product

SEM660D Wheel Loader is well known for its reliability, productivity, cost-effectiveness, energy saving and comfortable manipulation. It is widely used in heavy duty conditions like ports, aggregates, mining, slag removal in steel mill, large capacity earthmoving, etc. This machine features the intelligent module of Cat® Product Link™ to provide customers with the comprehensive equipment management solutions. The variety of optional work tools also expands the product applications.


SEM660D Wheel Loader

SEM919 Motor Grader takes the advantages of easy operation, high finishing accuracy, reliable performance, high productivity and low operating costs. This product has been well received by customers since its introduction. It can be widely used in the industries of road construction, irrigation and water conversancy and municipal snow removal and meet the customer demands in a variety of applications.


SEM919 Motor Grader

As an important strategic utility product brand of the Caterpillar family, SEM will continue to develop and upgrade their products and services. We are committed to providing affordable, available and supported SEM products and services to our customers in China and around the world.

CMIIC 2019 was organized by HC360, one of the key industry medias. It has been successfully held for 10 consecutive years under the instruction from China Construction Machinery Association and China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision Testing Center.