Together for Future Success - 60 Years Anniversary of SEM Brand Announcement

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Together for Future Success - 60 Years Anniversary of SEM Brand Announcement
Release time:2018-01-31

Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Ltd., namely former Shandong SEM Machinery Co., Ltd, was founded at Mihe riverside of Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, China in 1958. After 60 years of trials and hardships, Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Ltd. has been one of the most important manufacturers of machinery industry in China, and its SEM brand products were known as an international brand serving customers from more than 80 countries and regions.

Reviewing the past 60 years,  SEM developed from 8 thatched cottages and 5 rough workshops in Mihe town of Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, China to an international standard industrial zone; from 22 workers to 1,800 skilled employees; from a small agricultural tools factory to a supplier manufacturing wheel loader, soil compactor, motor grader and track type tractor of nearly 40 models; from Shandong local sale to an international brand covered more than 80 countries and regions. SEM was proved to have won a great success.


Mihe town combined factory was founded in 1958


First wheel loader was in trial-manufacturing in May 1977

In 2003, a memorandum of understanding between Caterpillar and SEM was signed in Zhuhai, marked a milestone of a cooperation with the biggest construction machinery company in the world. In 2008 SEM formally joined Caterpillar, and quickly became a most important product brand in Caterpillar portfolio with positioning in utility segmentation.


The MOU between Caterpillar and SEM was signed in Zhuhai in 2003

In 2016 Caterpillar and its brand council approved the endorsement “SEM - A Caterpillar Brand”. In 2017 Caterpillar regarded SEM brand as one of the most important strategic product brands in its newly updated global strategy.


In 2018 - 60 years anniversary for SEM brand, Caterpillar will launch series of celebration activities to express gratitude to suppliers, dealers, customers and business partners. We have recently launched a new logo, key visual and slogan for 60 years anniversary as the beginning symbols of the series of celebration activities.


60 years anniversary logo for SEM brand

This logo took the number “60” as the main visual elements, and “0” was represented into the earth with global map, demonstrating the global networks of SEM business. Metal color covering the logo, not only demonstrates consistency with the industrial and high-tech feel, but also means the achievements and reputations SEM has gained.


60 years anniversary key visual for SEM brand

Five roads with different conditions in the key visual express that the SEM product can fit diversities of working conditions. They can be used in construction industry, agriculture, architecture and forestry, supporting different working conditions. On the other side, the five roads mean that SEM together with its partners fights for the next achievements, including customers, dealers, suppliers and business partners. Shining dots in the map of the key visual represent that SEM must keep steady business in China, and then extend his global business networks. The architectures in the background are landmarks from key business regions, expressing our gratitude and respects to the customers there.


Slogan for 60 years anniversary for SEM brand

The 60 years of development of SEM brand witnessed how the SEM dealers and suppliers grew up and how customers established their business and became wealthy, all of us work closely together, fighting for one target. We together not only created an achievement, but also will create a bright future.

The logo, key visual and slogan published for 60 years anniversary, stands for recognition and expectation to SEM by Caterpillar. Caterpillar and all its brands will together help our customers build a better world.