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POSITION:NPI Execution Engineer-SG20-21


REPORTS TO:NPI Execution Supervisor




Position Target:

As NPI Execution Engineer within CQL Product Group, you will have big impact on CQL’s success by support CQL NPI Program on time. Your engineering, manufacturing, and project management skills will provide you the opportunity to support NPI Program with cross functional teams. This position is mainly responsible for all relevant activities from PD and Pilot to Production for all CQL NPI products, include CBS Data prepare, initial MBOM building, route line input, new parts delivery coordinating, PD building support, conduct Pilot and first Production building, and building issues tracking from Pilot and first Production, etc.

Job Duties/Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

1. Collect and input for part’s information in CBS

2. Based upon the design drawings, build and update CBS MBOM for PD machine.

3. Work together with Design engineer and Process engineer, to input route line for every new part.

4. Work together with Process engineer, Supply Chain and Facility to facilitate the new parts information readiness, delivery, to meet PD and Pilot building.

5. Conduct Pilot and first Production machines building. Support PD machines building.

6. Tracking the building issues from Pilot and first Production machines.

7. Assumed others works of NPI Execution Team.

Qualifications :

Required Qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent Technical Degree with demonstrated technical career experience.

2. Minimum of 2 years of design, Process, or product support engineering for earthmoving machines.

3. Intermediate English listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

4. Understanding on machine construction and performance for every product.

5. Excellent initiative during the work is needed for this role.

6. Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

7. Demonstrated project management skills and CBS skills

8. Good Microsoft Office Skills, Excel and PowerPoint.

Desired Qualifications:

1. Ability to dissect complex problems into a manageable work plan ensuring a successful outcome.

2. Advanced English listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, and can communicate with WW team effectively.

3. DMAIC training and/or 6 Sigma project experience and/or Green Belt or Black Belt leadership experience.

4. Knowledge of multiple functional areas that provide inputs regularly, i.e., Product Development, Engineering, Product Support, Quality, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Accounting, Human Resources, and Operations.

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