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  • Machine Weight:15,930kg
  • Blade Length:4,279*25*607mm
  • Rated power:162kw


High Productivity: Load sensing hydraulic system provides consistent and precise blade movement.
High Reliability: A-frame designed drawbar provides strength in all blade positions.
Comfort: World Class industry control layout with low lever efforts for reduced operator fatigue.


Items SEM921
Operation Weight (Base Machine) 15,930kg
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 8,854*2,630*3,360mm
Blade Length (L*W*H) 4,279*25*607mm
Max. Lifting Height 475mm
Max. Depth of Cut 715mm
Max. Drawbar ≥85kN
Wheelbase 6,140mm
Frame Articulation Angle 20°
Min. Turning Radius 7.8m
Engine Brand SDEC SC9D220G2
Rated power 162kW
Transmission Type Hangchi 6WG180
Travel Speed (Forward/Rear) 40/25km/h
Rear Axle/Tandem SEM ST22
Service brake Outboard disc with brake caliper,Air to oil Control
Oscillation (Front up/Rear up) 15/25°
Max. Oscillation Angle ±16°
Steering Angle (Left/Right) 47.5°
Max. Lean Angle of Front 18°
Hydraulic System Load sensing,PPPC

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