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  • Blade Capacity:6.4 m 3 U 7.5 m 3
  • Operating Weight:23,680 kg
  • Rated Power:175 kW / 235 hp


Efficient: The electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system and multi functional joystick provide high levels of performance and maneuverability.
Comfortable Operation: The cabin is ergonomically designed for increased operator comfort and visibility. The advanced monitoring system tracks machine operating conditions and keeps the operator informed of all vital machines functions.
Reliable: The proven hydrostat design along with world class pump and motors provide a highly reliable tractor. The undercarriage components are designed for longer life versus the leading competitor.
Serviceability: The SEM tractors are designed for easy access to reduce overall maintenance time. The machines electronic control module allows for quick troubleshooting.


Model SEM822
Operating Weight 23,680 kg
Ground Pressure 70 kPa
Ground Clearance 394 mm
Max.Slope 30o
Model Weichai WD12G240E26
Rated Power 175 kW / 235 hp
Working Tool
Blade Type SU
Blade Capacity 6.4 m3 U 7.5 m3
Blade Width 3,720 mm U 4,015 mm
Blade height 1,511 mm U 1,420 mm
Max. Blade Digging Depth 563 mm
Max. Blade Lift Ground Clearance 1,140 mm
Max.Output Rimpull 350 kN
Maximum Digging Depth Of Ripper 650 mm
Maximum Clearance Under Tip 640 mm
Type Electronic control, Dual-path, Hydrostatic Drive
Travel Speed- F/R 0 - 11.5 km/hr (Infi nitely Variable Speed Control)
Steering & Brake Hydrostatic Steering, Wet, Multiple-Disc Brakes
Minimum Streeing Radius 4,225 mm (Counter-rotated avaliable)
Track Shoe Width 560 mm
Track Shoe Quantity 40 piece
Length Of Track On Ground 2,948 mm
Track Gauge 2,000 mm
Track Roller Quantity 7/Side
Carrier Roller Quantity 2/Side
Hydraulic System
Type Pilot Control
Implement Hydraulic System Pressure 19 Mpa
Service Refi ll Capacities
Cooling system 45 L
Hydrostatic Oil 62 L
Implement Oil 110 L
Fuel 460 L
Pivot Shaft Case (each side) 0.8 L

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