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Corporate News

SEM brand hosted 2017 Annual Dealer Conference

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The SEM China dealer conference, with the theme of “Focus, Synergy, Win-Win”, was held on Jan.8-9, Qingzhou, China.  More than 150 dealers’ representatives participated the conference.

Qihua Chen, vice president of the China Operations Division reviewed Caterpillar’s business in China 2016. He said national strategy ‘The Belt and Road’ and energy structure adjustment will become key drivers of economic growth. Qihua reinforced the importance of SEM brand to Caterpillar from corporate strategy view. He also highly recognized SEM’s effort and achievements on product quality, the PINS of international / domestic market and profitability improvements. Looking forward to 2017, Qihua showed his confidence of Caterpillar in China , and  Qihua also showed his confidence of SEM’s future potential achievements. 

Following the theme of “Focus, Synergy, Win-Win”, Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Ltd. Global Distribution, Sales & Marketing Director Pablo Van expressed that “SEM has the same fate with dealers. That’s why we need to enhance trust, communicate sincerely and fight for the same goal to satisfy customers, in order to reach win-win between CQL and dealer, and achieve sustainability in long term”


In the conference, Dealer were awarded based their full year excellent performance. 

Dealers provided constructive suggestion about product improvement, business operation in the breakout session. Dealer also highly regard the SEM’s principle of mutual trust and development, dealer said “2017 will be full of challenges and opportunities. We will work together with SEM to achieve win-win and sustainability”.